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Bloomingdale Homeowners Association

Circa 1979
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Neighborhood Standards Program



Neighborhood Standards Program


Deed Restriction Compliance and Hillsborough County Codes and Ordinances

BHA volunteers work to promote compliance with deed restrictions and Hillsborough County codes and ordinances. Residents may report potential violations on the community Web site or by calling us at 813-681-2051 to request a Resident Complaint Form. For more deed restriction and standards information, explore the deed restrictions tab.


Neighborhood Sign Program aka “Name your Neighborhood”- This program is complete! Every neighborhood in the community is named — 32 to be precise!

All entryway sign maintenance is handled by the Bloomingdale Special Taxing District. 

One of the missions of the Bloomingdale Homeowners Association (BHA) is to foster neighborhood pride, identity, and build a sense of community. Thanks in part to grants from the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners and funds from the BHA, that mission continues with the Association’s efforts to ensure that every neighborhood in the community has a name and identity through the “Name Your Neighborhood” Program.

The final phase of this program is nearing completion. In the last 7 years, the BHA has overseen the funding, resident naming, and sign construction and installation for 8 unnamed neighborhoods in the community. In August 2013, the BHA applied for and, in December, received funds to help defray the costs of naming the two remaining “nameless” Bloomingdale neighborhoods, Section A and Section M. Sign installation begins June 2014 in Bloomingdale Pointe and Fairway Park, respectively.

BLOOMINGDALE-Name Your Neighborhood