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Circa 1979
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Deed Restrictions


Did you know that every Bloomingdale neighborhood, whether in a mandatory or voluntary homeowner association area, is bound by mandatory deed restrictions? Each developer, beginning in March of 1979, established deed restrictions for their new subdivisions within our community.
Deed restrictions, simply put, are the “do’s and don’ts” residents must abide by to, basically, be a good neighbor. While it sounds easy enough, many residents are unaware of the requirements in their area. Deed restrictions, also, help to maintain property values, aesthetics, and provide uniform standards throughout our neighborhoods.
For example, keeping the exterior of your property maintained is a basic rule of home ownership, and one covered in each neighborhood’s deed restrictions. This includes keeping the lawn cut and edged, the home painted and in good condition, fences in working order, and parking vehicles on the driveway, and not on the grass. With the new recycling refuse cans, residents should know that unless it is trash pick-up day in your neighborhood, the cans are to be stored behind barriers or in the garage.
Parking is an issue in our community. Some neighborhoods allow boats and trailers to be parked in the driveway, others direct that they be placed behind fences or not visible from the street, and still others don’t allow them in the neighborhood at all. Make sure you know what your requirements are for your neighborhood.
Today, Bloomingdale consists of over 40 neighborhood sections, each with their own unique deed restrictions. The Bloomingdale Homeowners Association currently has more than 30 deed restriction documents available for online viewing and downloading at
While some communities have not been able to provide a copy of their restrictions in the format required for posting to our site, the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court maintains all documentation submitted by the original developers and subsequently, any changes submitted by our mandatory homeowners associations. The website link for this information is:
According to Florida Law, all homeowners should receive a copy of their neighborhood section’s deed restrictions along with their closing documents. New or prospective Bloomingdale homeowners may wish to contact their real estate agent in order to obtain a copy of their restrictions.
Do you have a complaint or questions on deed restrictions or other local home ownership requirements? Email your questions to, and check the Gazette for answers.

Bloomingdale Neighborhoods

The Bloomingdale Homeowners Association is the umbrella association for thirty-two (32) individual neighborhoods. Sixteen (16) of those neighborhoods have their own mandatory Homeowner Associations, and the remaining sixteen (16) have voluntary Homeowner Associations.

Many of the neighborhoods are further sub-divided into sections according to Hillsborough County records, and each section has unique deed restrictions. There are a total of forty-four (44) different deed restrictions within the community. Whether living in a mandatory or voluntary HOA neighborhood in Bloomingdale, ALL deed restrictions are mandatory.

Mandatory HOA Neighborhoods

Bloomingdale Cove: Section DD, 219 homes, established 1/1/1996
Bloomingdale Ridge (Fox Run/The Greens): Sections V/U, 289 homes, established 11/1/1986
Fox Run: Section V, 103, 11/1/1986
The Greens: Section U, 186, 11/1/1986
Bloomingdale Village: Section AA/GG, 154, 2/1/1996
Bristol Green: Section AA/GG, 188, 5/1/1995
Cambridge Cove: Section N1, 60, 12/8/1994
Eagle Point: Section BL, 38, 6/1/1998
Erindale Oaks: Section BL 28, 5, 12/1/2013
Erin Arbor: Section JJ, 101, 8/1/1988
Heritage Park: Section LL, 109, 4/1/1996
Preston Woods: Section EE, 95, 10/27/1997
River Crossing: Section BB, 171, 10/1/1986
Somerset: Section CC, 183, 6/1/1986
The Links: Section AA/GG, 103, 7/1/1996
The Villas at Bloomingdale: Section B!a, 18,
The Cove @ TC FE, 14, 1/1/1991 (Does not have an active HOA)
Voluntary HOA Neighborhoods
Augusta Village / Stratford Trace W E V 224 9/1/1984
Bloomingdale Estates: 177, 2/1/1980
Section D1,
Section D2
Section D3
Bloomingdale Oaks: Section XX, 184, 8/1/1984
Bloomingdale Pointe, formerly Section A
Section A1 Old Pulte East, N of Green, 201, 3/1/1979
Section A2 Old Pulte East, N of Green, 201, 3/1/1979
Section A3 Old Pulte East, N of Green, 201, 3/1/1979
Section A4 Old Pulte East, N of Green, 201, 3/1/1979
Bloomingdale Trace: Section O, 126, 6/1/1984
Bloomingdale West:
Section C1, 226, 10/1/1979
Section C2, 226, 10/1/1979
Section C3, 226, 10/1/1979
Section C4, 226, 10/1/1979
Section E (Old Suarez West, N of Bloomingfield Ave), 94, 5/1/1983
Section H1 (Old Suarez West, S of B’filed), 163
Section H3 (Old Suarez West, S of B’filed), 163
          Section H4 (Old Rylands West), 65, 10/1/1982
Chadd’s Ford: Section N, 48, 5/1/1984
Cypress Reserve: Section J/K (Old New Pulte East), 128, 12/1/1983
Fairway Manor: Section L, 134, 4/1/1985
Fairway Park, formerly Section M
Section M1 New Suarez, East, 154, 1/1/1984
Section M2 New Suarez, East, 154, 1/1/1984
Oakcrest: Section R, 483, 7/1/1985
Sandy Creek Manors
Section H2 (Old Pulte South), 119, 10/1/1979
Section H2 (Old Suarez West, S of B’filed), 163, 10/1/1979
Section I1 (Old Rylands), 96, 10/1/1982
Section I2 (Old Rylands), 96, 10/1/1982
Pine Oaks of Bloomingdale B1 and B2 W V 117 10/1/1979
Spring Lake: Section FF (Old Hooker Barnes), 85, 1/1/1986
Windsor Woods: Section P/Q, 221, 11/1/1986
Located within the Bloomingdale Community Boundaries, but not part of the Bloomingdale Homeowners Association.
Bloomingdale Woods Condos @ (Not currently available) BW N N/A N/A
Dogwood Hills @ (Not currently available) DH SW V
Hickory Creek @ (Not currently available) HC SW M
Pine Grove Condo @ (Not currently available) KK E M 127
River Crossing Estates @ RCE S M
Savannah Landings @ (Not currently available) SL N M 44
John Moore Road @ (Not currently available) JMR FW V